Purchase and delivery of a 42’ Post From Sandusky, OH to Longport, NJ
Thursday, March 1st at 12am

Our Great Boating Adventure

In 2017 our family decided that we would like to purchase a Yacht. Growing up we both had exposure to boats, so we thought this would be a great family activity and make lasting memories. One afternoon while visiting Seaview Harbor Marina in Longport, NJ, we were introduced to Scott Krawiec from Jersey Cape Yacht Sales. Shortly after meeting Scott, we knew that he was the right broker to help us pursue and purchase the proper yacht for our needs. After checking out a few different models of Sport Fishing yachts, we decided on and located a 42’ Post in Sandusky, Ohio. Once the survey, sea trial, and sale were finalized, we then hired Scott to Captain the Post from Sandusky, Ohio to Longport, NJ.

On Saturday May 26th, we traveled to Sandusky Ohio with Scott and prepared our newly purchased yacht for its voyage to Longport, NJ.  We left Son Rise Marina the next morning at 6:00am heading north across Lake Erie. Our plans were to layup for the night at Sugar Bush Marina, located adjacent to the Welland Canal entrance. By midafternoon we were approaching the Welland Canal, which was earlier than expected. Being ahead of schedule, we decided to continue onto the Canal. Unfortunately due to commercial traffic we were not permitted to enter the canal, so we went back to our original plan and laid up at Sugar Bush Marina for the evening. Canal staff recommended calling back first thing the next morning to request a traffic update. We did, and were told that they had traffic in queue until 12pm and suggested checking back at that time for another update.  With no estimated time of entry, we decided to forgo the Welland Canal and travel the Erie Canal all the way to the Hudson River. Our disappointment continued as we approached the first fixed bridge in the Erie Canal and realized our Yacht was too tall to pass. With this, we returned to Sugar Bush Marina and waited a total of 2.5 days before gaining access to the Welland Canal.

At approximately 8:30pm Tuesday evening, we were finally permitted to enter the Welland Canal along with two sailboats. With a 5mph speed limit, 7 large Ship size locks, and giving way to two cargo ships we didn’t exit the canal until 6:30am the following morning. Wednesday morning had a beautiful sunrise which seemed to rejuvenate us, so we decided to make up for lost time and continued East across Lake Ontario, down the Oswego Canal, and then onto the Erie Canal. We ended the day at Ess-Kay Yards Marina in Brewertown NY, where we fueled up, cleaned up, and grabbed dinner in town before turning in for the night for some well-deserved rest.

On Thursday, we continued down the Oswego Canal through Three Rivers to the eastern half of the Erie Canal, which has higher fixed bridge heights. With a 10mph speed restriction, several locks, and a lot of debris in the water we traveled as far as we could go before stopping for the night at the St. Johnsville Marina, in St. Johnsville, NY. After tying up, we cleaned up, and walked into town for a bite to eat.

Friday morning we completed our journey on the Erie Canal, and then moved onto the Hudson River where the speed limit was 25mph. The higher speed limit was nice, but the water debris persisted, so to be safe we had to take it slow in certain areas. Late that afternoon we were passing the Boathouse Grill located in New Baltimore, NY and decided to pull in for the night. We again fueled up, cleaned up, and then had a last night celebratory dinner for the captain and his crew.

The Saturday in shore weather was forecasted to deteriorate as the day unfolded, so we got an early morning start to continue down the Hudson past New York City, Jersey City, Lady Liberty, and finally Sandy Hook to enter the Atlantic Ocean.  Once in the Atlantic it was a straight shot south which took about three hours before we entered Great Egg Harbor Inlet. Scott helped us tie up at Seaview Harbor Marina, and then we gave our newly purchased Post a thorough cleaning.

We very much enjoyed our time spent with Captain Scott and would do it again.  Scott is now part of our “lasting memories” from our first great boating adventure.  He was there from the beginning of our journey, and we see him almost every weekend around Seaview Harbor Marina as he’s helping others with their yachting needs.

Sincerely your crew,

Greg, Meg, & Trev Pancoast